Artist’s Statement

May of 2011

My work is a prayer for the wild.
Beauty all around us & in us.
Complexity & interweaving.
Can we pay attention?

One quiet day in 2003, the Olympic Gas Pipeline Explosion forced a black cloud thousands of feet up into the air about ½ mile from where we stood outside our home. A red tail hawk soared in the sunshine in front of the expanding mass. Three children, the forest & the creek were torched.

How to respond personally?

Our two grown children suggested that I return to my art as a way to Do Something About It.

I picked up my skills from many years before as an artist using low-fire clay. The resulting pieces have been shown in the Whatcom Artists Studio Tour since 2004. The money I earn from sales goes to the Whatcom Land Trust whose mission is to protect our wild & rural lands from development.

My hand-built vases, landscapes, miniature stage-sets, heads are about balance & gesture, with references to geology & nature.

I enjoy playing with visual balance, thrusts & checks, overlays, see-throughs, textures, hints, secrets, & suggestions,…………

The clay stretches, twists, tears, rebounds, talks back, responsive & sassy.

The fired surface of low-fire clay is porous enough that it accepts water color, colored pencil, & collage. I treat it like lively watercolor paper.

You could call the pieces 3-dimensional water colors.

Jayme Curley


Jayme Curley